Madeira's natural beauty is accessible to all, and although some challenging paths end up presenting us with rare marvellous images, it is also true that you don't need to walk very far to stumble upon the island's natural wealth and be fascinated by its thousand shades of green.

The trail 'Um caminho para todos' (A path for all, in English) runs along the Levada do Caldeirão Verde terrace, between the Queimadas Forest Park and Pico das Pedras, in the municipality of Santana.

The 2 Km trail takes about 45 minutes and offers people with motor disabilities, visual impairments or reduced mobility, the chance to be in direct contact with Nature, on a trail that runs along Levada do Caldeirão Verde.

Accessibility is the keyword along this trail, which has a considerable width, fences on both sides and a constant level.

Ideal conditions, also, for those walking with small children, making this trail a true 'path for all'.

The trail goes through a transitional forest area between Madeira's natural forest, the Laurissilva, and the exotic forest, made up of vegetation introduced by Man, with truly beautiful natural landscapes.

A trail thought out and designed so that anyone can be in contact with Madeira's green Nature; 'A path for all' is also the initial path to Levada do Caldeirão Verde.

Distance: 2.1 km
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 45 minutes
Start/End: Queimadas / Pico das Pedras
Max. Altitude / Min. Altitude: 890 m / 870 m

IFCN Madeira
Rua João de Deus 12 F, RC C
9050-027 Funchal
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