Garajau Natural Reserve

Imagine a place where the gracefulness of marine species, of all colours, sizes and shapes, is combined with an unusual landscape, marked by the brightness of Atlantic waters. This is how we can describe the Garajau Natural Reserve, located in the municipality of Santa Cruz, on Madeira's south coast.

Created in 1986, in order to prevent the desertification of the seabed, the Garajau Natural Reserve became one of the archipelago's most iconic sites for wildlife lovers. It is not by chance that it is one of the most popular diving spots for professionals and amateurs alike.

Among the vast fauna we can find at Ponta do Garajau, there are several large fish species which divers and underwater photographers will love. We are talking about species such as the dusky grouper (Epinephalus guaza), the giant oceanic manta ray (Manta birostris) or the giant devil ray (Mobula mobular).).

The clear waters of the Garajau Natural Reserve allow observing its biodiversity at a depth of more than 20 metres, making it a local attraction from a recreational but also scientific and educational point of view. An unmissable natural retreat, where wildlife reigns supreme.

The Garajau Natural Reserve was created in 1986 to protect the exuberant marine biodiversity of this area of Madeira's southern coast. It is one of the favourite spots for diving enthusiasts.

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