Museum of Wine and Vine

Located in the municipality of Santana, on the north coast of the Island of Madeira, the Museum of Wine and Vine looks at the complex production process of this regional product which, over the centuries, has earned a solid reputation all over the world.

This museum can be found in the Experimental Viticulture Field in Arco de São Jorge. Taking on the mission of being a dynamic and interactive place, the Museum of Wine and Vine consists of an experimental area and an old restored cellar, which has utensils used in viticulture, mostly donated by the local population.

Three wine presses have been restored in this cellar, offering visitors the chance to come into contact with these traditional spaces. In addition, the Museum of Wine and Vine includes a place dedicated to tasting various regional products, such as honey cake or Madeira cornbread.

The exhibition also has an explanatory section on the various cycles of the vine, as well as on the characteristics of the different varieties grown in this region. Finally, the Museum of Wine and Vine includes a shop where you can buy traditional products such as honey cakes and cornbread, homemade bread or wickerwork.


The Museum of Wine and Vine, in the municipality of Santana, is housed in an old restored cellar. It exhibits instruments used in wine-growing and has an area explaining about this product.

Sítio da Lagoa | 9230-018 Arco de São Jorge
Monday to Friday: 14:00 - 17:30 | Closed: Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays
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