Experiencing the city of Funchal

A cosmopolitan spirit, vibrant natural landscapes, unique traditions and unforgettable delicacies: it's hard to choose what to do first in Funchal.
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Funchal: European city, capital of Nature

Have you ever imagined what it is like to walk around in a cosmopolitan city, with an European atmosphere, located on an Atlantic island with virtually immaculate natural landscapes? Funchal, capital of the archipelago of Madeira, offers its visitors that opportunity, harmoniously combining urban sophistication with a symbiotic relationship with nature.
Experiencing the City
From historical monuments to museums, restaurants with flavour and knowledge, multiple leisure spaces, tropical gardens and beaches, stunning viewpoints and a lively cultural agenda, if you're looking for things to do in Funchal, you will find a wide range of places to discover and experiences to live. Come and venture out in this Atlantic capital with a view to the future!
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Exploring the City of Funchal

Visitors to the city of Funchal have endless points of interest available to discover. Come and collect unique memories.
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Touring the City

There are many ways, more or less peculiar, to walk around and get to know the city of Funchal. Discover the best transportation for you.
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Enjoying the Sea

The Atlantic is always present in the urban life of Funchal. The mild temperature of the water invites you to memorable adventures.
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The city of Funchal is full of life all year round. Come and breathe in the city's culture and discover its events and traditions.
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Madeira Cuisine and Wine

Typical dishes, prepared with excellent regional ingredients, and the famous Madeira Wine, are undeniable calling cards for Funchal.
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From excellent regional products to major national and international brands, the shops in the city of Funchal excel in diversity and quality.
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There are many options available in the city of Funchal for you to invest in your well-being. Come and relax in this paradisiacal destination.
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