Porto Moniz

From the green mountains to the sea, passing by the natural pools, this municipality on the north coast is full of points of interest.

Volcanic pools, mystical forests and breathtaking landscapes


Located in the extreme north of the Island of Madeira, Porto Moniz is a municipality that has some of the most beautiful images of the Region. Between the imposing mountains and the calm surface of the ocean, the municipality of Porto Moniz also dazzles with the charm of its picturesque parishes, which overflow with rich customs.

This whole region is deeply marked by the botanical diversity of the Laurissilva Forest, which from its height confronts the imposing northern sea, through its ridges, cliffs and coves. The sea, which has a strong presence all along the Madeiran coast, has a special influence on the municipality of Porto Moniz. Since the beginning of its construction, the inhabitants of Porto Moniz depended on fishing, which is still an important factor in the local economy. That relationship with the sea is also evident in the annual celebrations, such as the 'Porto Moniz Sea Week'. This which is the biggest cultural, recreational and sporting event in the municipality, shows nautical activities such as canoe races, canoeing competitions, fishing contests and gastronomic exhibitions. You can't talk about Porto Moniz without mentioning the natural pools in its volcanic rocks where their clear waters are renewed cyclically. The eternal ex-libris of this municipality.


Porto Moniz is a mandatory stopover either for its natural beauty, the trails that cross the Laurissilva or the emblematic natural pools, as well as its important historical and cultural heritage.

Porto Moniz
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Besides the famous natural swimming pools, find out what to visit at Porto Moniz.
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From sports to culture, discover this municipality's multifaceted offer.
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In the municipality of Porto Moniz, known for its hospitality, you will find a wide range of accommodation options. Feel at home
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Lapa Bay
Rua do Forte de São João Baptista, 7 | 9270-095 Porto Moniz
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