Bird Watching in Madeira

Take time to admire several bird species in protected habitats.
Bird Watching

Contemplating life in Nature

Bird watching in Madeira is the best opportunity to contemplate sea and land species, some of which rare, in preserved and highly respected ecosystems. A memorable experience of contact with Nature and animal life.
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The flora and fauna of the islands of Madeira are among the archipelago's most important and valued assets. Around here, Nature always speaks louder - and you can never take too much time to admire it. One of the ways of doing it is bird watching.
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Bird watching tours in Madeira offer moments of communion with the liveliness of Madeira's ecosystems. Whether on land or at sea, visitors have the chance to get to know from up close land and sea birds, some of which are rare. Among breeding and migratory species, you may come across birds such as:
  • Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs madeirensis);
  • Bis bis (Regulus ignicapillus madeirensis);
  • Papinho (Erithacus rubecula rubecula);
  • Grey Wagtail (Motacilla cinerea schmitzi);
  • Zino's Petrel (Pterodroma Madeira).
Several endemic species and subspecies from Madeira and Macaronesia integrate and enrich this ecosystem. To access the best birdwatching spots in Madeira, contact one of the companies that organise tours suitable for both beginners and experienced bird watchers. Bird watching in Madeira is a unique experience of immersion in the valuable natural heritage of the archipelago.
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