Madeira Hiking

Surprise yourself at every step with the exuberant scenery of this archipelago.

Walking to contemplate

An ideal destination for hiking lovers. Mountains, ocean, green forests, waterfalls and viewpoints: the archipelago's natural wealth makes hiking in Madeira unforgettable and invigorating.
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Hiking in Madeira means enjoying the opportunity to explore and interact with Nature, always keeping an eye out for how much there is to discover. The great diversity of landscapes on these two islands is surprising.
The hiking trails can take you to the most hidden nooks in the mountains (sometimes even above the clouds), or to coastal areas.
Between waterfalls and streams, cliffs and crags, subtropical forests and viewpoints overlooking the Mountain Massif or the ocean, the surprises we are treated to while hiking in Madeira are presented to us at every step.
There are trails for all preferences and all paces. This means that anyone, of any age, can have the experience of exploring the trails and 'levadas' (the name given to the paths parallel to the irrigation channels that carry fresh water from the very humid northern mountains to the drier south). There are dozens of trails, hundreds of kilometres and countless sceneries to enjoy while hiking in Madeira.
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If you are going to walk along a trail or 'levada', remember that you must do so safely and be reachable, with suitable equipment and company.
Furthermore, when hiking in Madeira there are fundamental rules of conduct: remain in the trail and carefully respect the fauna and flora.
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