Trail Running in Madeira

Come and discover Madeira's trails with an invigorating race.
Trail Running

Jogging for pleasure in Nature

Trail runners in Madeira can enjoy the opportunity of running in mountain areas accompanied by exuberant and always surprising natural landscapes. Venture out on the island's trails.
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There are increasingly more trail running lovers in Madeira. The reasons are well known. The rugged relief of the island, as well as its unique natural sceneries and mild climate throughout the year, are the necessary ingredients to make this sporting experience unforgettable.
This type of running offers the opportunity to discover hidden nooks and memorable landscapes.
Thus, when running along the island's mountain trails, with varied, irregular or slippery surfaces, trail runners will have the chance to overcome their limits while exploring places where Nature reigns in an immaculate state.
There are several paths and trails with different distances and several degrees of difficulty in the archipelago. It is therefore important that before you venture into trail running in Madeira, you make sure you have the physical and psychological conditions to complete the trail. There are several professional operators at your disposal to advise and accompany you, making sure that you can enjoy this activity with total safety and peace of mind.
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Contemplating the natural surroundings of Madeira's trail running routes is equally or more important than the race timer. Live this experience intensely!

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