Funchal Streets

Funchal's public promenades are always filled with life and tradition.

Streets that tell stories

A vast historical heritage, unique traditions, exotic, evergreen trees and plants, warm people and multiple artistic expressions: discover the pleasure of walking through the streets of Funchal!
avenida arriaga 1
Funchal Madeira 2
funchal's promenade 12
Madeira's subtropical climate, with average temperatures of around 18°C in winter and 25°C in summer, invites you to take long and pleasant outdoor walks all year round. The characteristic liveliness of the streets of Funchal are the ideal invitation to discover the charms of this Atlantic capital on foot.
avenida arriaga 6 praça do povo funchal 6
Since it is located in a natural amphitheatre facing the Atlantic, walking in Funchal is equivalent to feeling a close connection with the ocean. So, the landscape that surrounds some of its main gardens, squares, avenues and public promenades is marked by the unavoidable presence of the sea.
funchal's promenade 11
Besides, the streets of Funchal are usually lined with trees, flowers and exotic plants, which make this cosmopolitan atmosphere, typical of European cities, more harmonious. But while Nature marks its presence, History plays an equally important role.
Funchal Municipal Garden 8
Walking around Funchal is synonymous with the opportunity to contemplate a valuable artistic and architectural heritage, with several outstanding monuments and museums. However, be sure to pay special attention to the life, culture and traditions that every day fill these streets, crowded with hospitable people.
Funchal City Hall 1 Jardim Botânic viewpoint 4 pináculo viewpoint 3
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