Calheta Recreational Port

The municipality of Calheta, on the western tip of the Island of Madeira, is known for its communion of sea, cliffs and late sunsets. A municipality that, like all the others on the island, has a deep connection with the ocean and is a privileged place for enjoying nautical recreational and water sports activities. Hence, the reason behind the existence of the Calheta Recreational Port.


Located about 16 nautical miles from Funchal, the Calheta Recreational Port has 337 berths with the capacity to accommodate boats between 6 and 25 metres long and with a maximum draft of 3.5m. Additionally, in this marina you can find 40 berths for jet-skis.


When you moor your boat at the Calheta Recreational Port, you can use a fuel station (diesel and unleaded 95 gasoline), a ramp for small boats, a covered parking area, a car wash, a repair area for small boats, a crane, a pump-out pump for waste water.


Surrounding the Calheta Recreational Port, you can find some commercial spaces such as restaurants and bars, a souvenir shop and several maritime tourism companies.


In the municipality situated further west on Madeira Island, we can find the Calheta Recreational Port. Located right next to the artificial sandy beach, this port can accommodate up to 337 small boats.

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