Funchal Marina

If there are settings that deserve to be contemplated with attention and detail, the Funchal Marina is one of them.


In fact, the image you get when walking along the Funchal pier, on a sunny day, with the calm sea in your sight, sprinkled by yachts of different colours, while daily life is going on and the singular beauty of the Funchal amphitheatre is in the backdrop, is simply stunning.


The Funchal Marina is located in Funchal Bay, and is a space belonging to the Administração dos Portos da Madeira (Port Authority), managed by the Clube Naval do Funchal and the Centro de Treino Mar.


The Funchal Marina is located in a sheltered area within the main harbour of Madeira, 530 nautical miles from Lisbon and 36 nautical miles from Porto Santo. The infrastructure has 210 berths for yachts and a mooring area for boats used in maritime tourism activities. The Funchal Marina offers a variety of support services including water and electricity connections, fuel stations, changing rooms and sanitary facilities, nautical equipment shops, restaurants and bars, among others.


Gateway for yachts and small boats, the Funchal Marina, besides being an area that beautifies Funchal Bay, offers great infrastructure for about two hundred boats.

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