Port of Machico

Machico Bay is of inestimable historical value. Remember that it was here that Portuguese navigators first landed on the island of Madeira in 1419. Thus, more than 600 years later, the city of Machico continues to be an important point for nautical activity.


As such, the Port of Machico is one of the most important ports on the east coast of Madeira, with capacity for 80 small and medium boats up to twelve tons.


Here, boat owners can enjoy water and electricity supply on both pontoons, have access to general waste and recycling containers, including one for oil and batteries.


Next to Port of Machico there is a pleasant promenade that leads to the artificial sandy beach, and further on to the pebble beach - S. Roque Beach. In 2022, Port of Machico was awarded the Blue Flag for the first time.


The Port of Machico, located east of Funchal, can accommodate up to 80 boats and was awarded the Blue Flag in 2022.

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