Madeira Embroidery Factory

Embroidering History

Bordal - Bordados da Madeira was founded in 1962 and, since then, it became one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of the famous and handmade Madeira Embroidery.


Bordal - Bordados da Madeira tries to keep tradition alive and continues to work to perpetuate this ancestral knowledge. Madeira Embroidery is part of the history and roots of each Madeiran House.


A century ago there were about 100 Embroidery Houses open. Today, there's just about a handful.
1988 - Layette of the first daughter of the Dukes of York, Sarah and Andrew
2006 - Publication of the first book on the History of 'Madeira Embroidery'
2013 - Creation of the 'Madeira Embroidery Historic Tour' at the Bordal Factory
2014 - Partnership with CHANEL for the production of haute-couture pieces
In recent years, Bordal's main objective has been to reinvent 'Madeira Embroidery', while maintaining Tradition. With around 60,000 designs, Bordal specialises in the table, bed linen and baby segments, using only the best linens and cottons. Since 2013, its factory has been setting the scene for the Madeira Embroidery Historic Tour, a visit to the various stages of embroidery production which allows seeing the manufacturing process live, side by side with its history. From decoration to collection, all products follow strict control and quality processes.
Rua Dr. Fernão de Ornelas, 77
9050-021 Funchal
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