Cabeço do Resto Viewpoint

The city of Santana, as well as the surrounding parishes, are known for their picturesque atmosphere, enveloped by mountains and valleys where Nature reveals itself with grace. Visitors to the Cabeço do Resto viewpoint can easily see this.

Situated in the parish of Ilha, this high viewpoint enjoys a privileged panoramic view of the typical landscapes of the north coast of the island of Madeira. From here, you can access an ample view over the city of Santana, whose houses paint the scenery with white and orange dots.

Besides them, the Cabeço do Resto viewpoint allows you to contemplate other villages. We are talking about the parish of São Jorge, one of the first places on the north coast of the island of Madeira to be populated, known for the fertility of its soils, and also the parish of Ilha, the most recent in the municipality of Santana, famous for its Natural Reserves which, between waterfalls and rich geological heritage, leave no one indifferent.

The name of this viewpoint was given to it for its location between two streams. It is, therefore, a 'head' surrounded by water on all sides, a peculiarity that grants it even more charm.

The Cabeço do Resto viewpoint, located in the parish of Ilha, provides a privileged panorama over the city of Santana as well as the surrounding natural scenery.

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