Porto Santo Marina

The first marina that sailors find when leaving mainland Portugal, or the Strait of Gibraltar, towards the Atlantic is the Porto Santo Marina. Located on the south coast of the island, this marina is part of the commercial port, protected by two piers with lighthouses.


Enjoying good weather all year round, the Porto Santo Marina is just three kilometres from the town centre. However, it offers visitors a peaceful environment, with all the necessary conditions to receive the pleasure boats that wish to dock here.


The crystal-clear waters, with a minimum depth of 3 metres, make it easy to manoeuvre the boats, whose length can range between 6 and 30 metres. The berthing capacity on floating docks is 139 places.


Finally, the Porto Santo Marina also includes a shipyard, with an area of 10,000 m² and the capacity to receive 80 monohull boats (in metal berths), not exceeding five metres in length, 25 tonnes and 4.40 metres in breadth. The yard is equipped to provide water and electricity services, toilets and changing rooms, as well as technical boat repair services.

It's located just three kilometres from the town centre and offers visitors a calm environment. It's equipped with all the necessary conditions for those who want to dock here.

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