Villa Alto Boutique Hotel

Rural Tourism Development - Rural Hotel ***

An estate up high

With an incredible view, a lush green landscape and the turquoise sea coast, at the top of a mountain in Lombo de São João, Ponta do Sol, Villa Alto is a traditional Madeiran manor house from the late 19th century with a multi-hectare estate.


Preserved and restored according to its original architectural style, the decoration of the house reminds us of traditional Madeiran farmhouses.

The Boutique Hotel has a restaurant that stands out for its excellence and consistency, picking produce by hand from the property's vegetable garden, and taking them directly to your table. The concept revolves around vegetarian cuisine, giving you the opportunity to taste a variety of flavours that will make you feel at home.
Lombo de São João, Ponta Do Sol, Madeira
9360-559, Ponta do Sol
villa alto boutique hotel madeira 5
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