Rural Tourism Development - Agri-tourism

Oasis of health and well-being

Yeotown Madeira is a rural tourism resort dedicated to health and well-being. Since November 2021 they have been welcoming guests to the island to enjoy all their magnificent experiences. Their mission is to provide a service that contributes to physical and mental well-being.


Yeotown Madeira's healthy experiences are a combination of physical exercise and 'work', focusing on a variety of sessions that seek to strengthen the body, mind and state of mind. Activities:

  • Yoga-inspired stretching for both yogis and non-yogis;
  • Walks along the island's coastline, mountains and valley;
  • Immersion in cold water;
  • Functional fitness and strength training;
  • Mindfulness and Meditation sessions;
  • Breathing work;
  • Nutrition talks;
  • Various types of massages;
Yeotox retreats run from Monday to Saturday and include rejuvenating sessions such as meditation in the forest, nutritional talks, bio-hacking discussions, healthy cooking classes and some of our 'surprise' sessions. As part of their investment in health, all meals, snacks, fresh juices and accommodation with boho-chic interior design are taken into account. During their stay, guests will feel more engaged and motivated. Empowered with the knowledge that will enable them to maintain healthier choices when they return to everyday life, the aim is always to work towards good physical shape, but in a way that creates a balance between physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
Caminho do Verde, 60
9370-729 Arco da Calheta
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