Boat trips in Madeira

A different perspective of Madeira, a garden seen from the sea.
Boat trips
Madeira is largely marked by the omnipresence of the ocean. The sea is part of the islands' DNA, its people and, of course, most of its landscapes. But while it's worth spending several hours contemplating the Atlantic from the archipelago, what about the opportunity to calmly observe Madeira's landscapes while floating in the sea? That's precisely the experience you can enjoy by taking a boat trip in Madeira.
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This is the ideal opportunity to access panoramic views of the islands or even to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach in the middle of the ocean, being able to dive into these mild waters. A boat trip in Madeira will also give you the chance to connect with the natural richness of this nook in the Atlantic. To do so, there are several options starting in various points of the Region, and in some cases, the tour may even end in Porto Santo or in the Desertas Islands. Aboard a replica of a 16th-century ship or on the bow of a catamaran, without ignoring the possibility of a tour on a yacht or sailing boat, for a more exclusive experience, be sure to contact one of the archipelago's specialised companies to explore our sea.
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Where to book
VMT Madeira
Edf. Porto Rico, R. das Hortas, 11, 2º andar | 9050-024 Funchal
Bonita da Madeira
Estrada Monumental, 187 | 9000-100 Funchal
Profetas D'Êxito
Rua Jorge de Freitas, 23 | 9400-240 Porto Santo
Madeira With Linda
Estrada Monumental, 520 | 9000-236 Funchal
Scorpio Madeira Diving Center
Caminho da Ribeira do Natal, 30 | 9200-031 Caniçal
Happy Hour Madeira
Rua Henrique Franco Pintor 7B, AP | 9000-767 Funchal
Cais 8, Marina do Funchal
Sea La Vie
Marina do Funchal | 9000-055 Funchal
Luxury Charter Madeira
Marina Quinta do Lorde | Caniçal
Mar Dourado
Rua Cristóvão Colombo, 5 | 9400-158 Porto Santo
Atlantic Pearl Catamaran
Avenida Sá Carneiro, 23 | 9000-017 Funchal
On Tales
Av D. Manuel I, Porto Recreio da Calheta | 9370-133 Calheta
Porto Santo Line
Av. do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses, nº 20 | 9060-190 Funchal
Madeira Sea Emotions
Rua de São Sebastião, 68 | 9200-040 Caniçal
Rua Encosta dos Piornais, 4, 1º AL | 9000-683 Funchal
Madeira Experience Tours
Rua dos Barreiros, 32 | 9060-397 Funchal
Avenida D. Manuel I, Porto de Recreio da Calheta | 9370-133 Calheta
Rota dos Cetáceos
Marina Shopping Center, Store 247, Avenida Arriaga 75 | 9000-533 Funchal
Santa Maria de Colombo
Marina do Funchal | 9000-055 Funchal
Mr.Humb Jet Fun
Praia do Porto Santo, junto ao Restaurante Pé na Água | 9400-001 Porto Santo
VIP Dolphins
Funchal Marina | 9000-055 Funchal
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