Diving in Porto Santo

Porto Santo is a small island paradise: fine golden sand, turquoise-blue water and a particularly diverse marine fauna; this is why diving in Porto Santo offers all the necessary conditions for one of the richest experiences in the world.

Thanks to the clarity of the waters around the island, visibility conditions are considered excellent down to a depth of around 40 metres, so diving in Porto Santo is ideal to be dazzled by the impetuous rock formations and the liveliness of the biodiversity that can be found here. Groupers, barred hogfish, saupes, white trevally or greater amberjacks are just some of the species that will cross your path in the dynamic (but peaceful) life that goes on beneath the surface.

Furthermore, it is also at this dive spot that you will be able to find two ships purposely sunk at a depth of around 30 metres in order to serve as artificial reefs. We are talking about 'Madeirense', taken to the bottom of the sea in 2000, and 'Corveta General Pereira d'Eça', a warship of the Portuguese Navy sunk in 2016.

Today, they are the safe home of a vast marine fauna that you can find in an unforgettable diving experience in Porto Santo.

Due to the clarity of the waters, as well as the special places it holds (like two sunk ships), diving in Porto Santo is one of the most sought-after experiences by those who love this sport.

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Sitio do Campo de Cima, Apartado 320 | 9400-000 Porto Santo
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