Natural spaces

Every corner of the archipelago invites you to enjoy different natural spaces, whether for adventure or to rest and restore energy. However, it is essential to understand the great sensitivity of these spaces, which we are all responsible for protecting and preserving.

Human negligence is the main cause of forest fires. Adopting preventive behaviours that reduce the risk of ignition is a rule for everyone that should be accepted by everyone. Each individual must play their part and contribute to making a difference in forest fire prevention.

It is, therefore, expressly forbidden to use fire in forest areas outside the places designated for this purpose, as the risk of fire is great and its consequences are even greater - harmful effects on forests, biodiversity, property and, essentially, people. At the designated places, remain vigilant and keep a container of water nearby at all times. Before leaving the site, you should completely extinguish the fire and embers and re-wet the entire bonfire site thoroughly. You should also collect all your waste and put it in the proper bins and containers - don't leave it behind!

In addition, there are other rules to consider:

• Do not smoke in the forest.
• During the most critical periods, avoid using mechanical equipment in or adjacent to forest areas that could cause ignition.
• Store firewood, diesel fuel and other flammable products in a safe and isolated place.
• Keep your land clean and cultivated by promoting proper forest management. Find out from the relevant authorities which financial mechanisms can support you in implementing forestry projects that promote proper land management.
• It is the responsibility of the owners of areas or land, whether forest, uncultivated or agricultural, to carry out the respective cleaning, eliminating undergrowth and material susceptible to propitiate or spread fires, in a strip of 30 m measured from the end to the interior of the property, along its entire perimeter.
• To carry out a burn and/or bonfire you must contact the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation: or (+351) 291 740 060.
• If you detect a fire, call Civil Protection on 112, remember that your warning may be essential for them to respond to the fire in a timely manner

By doing all these little things, you will be contributing to the preservation of our nature, keeping our unique landscapes alive.
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Find out all the rules of conduct before and after a forest fire here

Camping in forests and natural spaces

Don't miss out on camping in the Madeira archipelago. The serenity of Madeira's mountains and the idyllic scenery we are presented with at nightfall and dawn make this a unique and unforgettable experience.

There are designated places for this purpose, and you must apply for a licence and obtain the respective authorisation from the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN). This licence is free of charge and serves to control the occupation of the spaces.

Camping is strictly prohibited:
• In forests and nature that is not recognised as such by the IFCN;
• Without a licence. The licence can be requested here.

Camping in forests and natural spaces

Ponta de São Lourenço

The Ponta de São Lourenço protected area requires further specificities, which can be found here.
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