Declared as 'Biosphere Reserve' by UNESCO, the municipality of Santana preserves a valuable natural and cultural heritage.

Between Nature and tradition


The 'casinhas de Santana' became icons widely known nationally (and beyond) for the peculiar beauty of their architectural style. With a triangular shape and covered in thatch, they are the greater symbol of this municipality on the north coast of the island of Madeira.

In fact, these typical houses are a reflection of the isolation of this location, which for a long time was difficult to reach by land and sea. The preservation of unique cultural traits, as a result of that contingency, become a heritage of enormous value for this municipality, which currently has around 8,800 inhabitants.

This 96.2 km² area comprises six parishes: Arco de São Jorge, Faial, Ilha, Santana, São Jorge and São Roque do Faial. This is where you can visit points of interest such as the Madeira Theme Park, Rocha do Navio Natural Reserve and the highest mountain in the archipelago, Pico Ruivo.

Santana was awarded the distinction of 'Biosphere Reserve' by UNESCO in 2011. It is, therefore, the ideal place to contemplate a rich and meticulously preserved natural heritage. To do this, nothing better than getting to know the Biosphere's hiking trails, over 120 km long.

The municipality of Santana, located on the north coast of the island of Madeira, presents a set of unique natural, landscape, environmental, human and cultural values of great interest.

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This municipality's offer goes far beyond the typical casas de Santana.
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From folklore to nature, you'll have plenty to choose from.
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For those who value the comfort and quiet that only accommodation away from the hustle and bustle of the city can provide, these are our suggestions.
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