Madeira Heritage

With over 600 years of History, this Atlantic archipelago is proud to be the guardian of a vast collection of monuments,  churches, museums and other cultural spaces. Madeira's heritage therefore stands out for its diversity and, of course, for its undeniable historical relevance.

colégio church 9

Walking through the streets of Madeira's towns and cities means enjoying direct contact with a heritage of great value. It is a journey into the past through different architectural styles, historic spaces or artworks from various eras.

Among the many relics of Madeira's heritage, there are examples of Manueline, military or modern architecture. It also includes valuable paintings, photographs and sculptures, as well as pieces of jewellery, furniture and porcelain, to name but a few. They can be found all over the country, in churches, chapels, cathedrals, forts, palaces, historic estates, museums or cultural centres.
museum of sacred art of funchal 12
Santa Catarina Park funchal 7

The city of Funchal, the capital of the archipelago, is home to an essential part of Madeira's heritage. When you visit, be sure to take time to peacefully wander the streets of this European metropolis and enjoy its rich heritage.


The island of Madeira has an inestimable cultural heritage. The AP_ARTE project emphasizes this by producing thirty videos highlighting individual pieces of art from seven museums on the island. These artefacts were chosen based on the history surrounding the piece and its relationship with Madeira. 

Projeto AP_ARTE 1
universo de memória museum 4 whale museum madeira 5 Casa Colombo Museum of Porto Santo 7


There are many museums that enrich the archipelago, dedicated to multiple themes and artistic expressions. Come and whet your curiosity.


The intense religious experience of these islands is reflected in Madeira's heritage with dozens of chapels, churches and cathedrals to explore.
funchal cathedra 2

Cultural Centres

The archipelago's cultural life is dynamic and rich in activities. Check the programme of the cultural centres that are scattered throughout the territory.
Porto Santo Congress Cultural Centre 7 madeira heritage 2
Funchal City Hall 4

Monuments and Architecture

Madeira's heritage includes buildings from different historical periods and architectural styles. A unique legacy that enriches the visit to the archipelago.
Fort of Nossa Senhora do Amparo machico 5
Funchal Municipal Garden 6
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