Touring the City

The capital of Madeira is the perfect city to explore at your own pace. Walking around Funchal is always a pleasant experience, as the green of the mountains and the blue of the ocean accompany you while you discover this city by the sea.
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With an area of approximately 75 km², Funchal is divided into 10 parishes, which extend virtually from the sea to the mountain. All of them have attractions worth visiting and, although the centre of Funchal is the jewel of the crown, the truth is that some of the most spectacular viewpoints are found in the parishes further away from the centre, at higher altitudes, offering panoramic views over the natural amphitheatre that embraces Funchal.
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And such a special city offers you truly unique ways to get around, allowing you to discover all of its charms. From the more traditional ones, such as the Monte Sledges, to the more innovative ones, such as the cable cars and the Tuk-Tuk, getting around Funchal is within everyone's reach. Funchal also has a very efficient urban transport network that makes it possible to go anywhere in the city. So, be sure to explore every corner of the incomparable city of Funchal.
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Monte Sledges

Originally from the 19th century, they are one of the most famous and peculiar traditions in Funchal. Do you dare to glide down the municipality's streets?

Cable cars

Touring Funchal several metres off the ground, with a panoramic landscape in motion: discover Funchal's cable cars!
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Sightseeing Bus

Ensuring all comfort, sightseeing buses are a good option to tour Funchal and discover some emblematic spots.

Tuk Tuk

A fun and relaxed way of touring the city of Funchal, particularly its historic centre.


Cycling around the capital of Madeira is a healthy, environmentally-friendly and exciting way of discovering the city's secrets.
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A convenient and quick way to get around the city of Funchal or various spots across the island.
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Where to book
Yellow Bus
R. Simplício dos Passos Gouveia, 21 - Loja C
Madeira Sidecar Tours
Largo dos Varadouros, 5 | 9000-503 Funchal
Funchal Cable Car
Av. do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses | 9060-190 Funchal
Carreiros do Monte
Caminho do Monte, 4 | 9050-084
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