Funchal: a festive city

The capital of the archipelago of Madeira is famous for the contagious joy you can feel in its atmosphere anytime. Of course, the island's subtropical climate contributes a lot to this, but that's not all. The people of Madeira have a well-known festive, welcoming and warm spirit.
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Here, entertainment is taken to the streets all year round. The mild weather means that many of Funchal's festivals can be enjoyed outdoors without many restrictions, so the city's calendar of celebrations offers locals and visitors alike plenty of reasons to celebrate and toast together. Throughout the year, there are many festivals and concerts in various cultural venues. In the summer, the city's squares, parks and gardens provide the perfect stage for these cultural and artistic events.
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The numerous bars, nightclubs and rooftops provide Funchal with the hustle and bustle characteristic of an European capital, attracting, each year, more and more young tourists. A truly festive city that sees its entertainment spread over several places, with a diversified, inclusive and unique offer. Come and discover Funchal's entertainment venues.
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From traditional celebrations that have been held for centuries to youthful urban festivals, Funchal offers an irresistible calendar of events.


From bars to nightclubs, restaurants or a casino, Funchal's nightlife brings joy to the streets all year round.
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These charming spaces, located in the city's hotels, are perfect places to enjoy good times, accompanied by superb views.
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