Porto Santo

A veritable golden oasis suspended in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Golden Island of the Atlantic


From its paradisiacal beach to its historical heritage, including its geological exuberance, discover this secret kept in the ocean.


Visiting Porto Santo is discovering a golden island, famous for its nine kilometre sandy beach. The smallest inhabited island of the Madeira Archipelago is only an hour and a half flight away from Lisbon, in the extreme southwest of Europe, 500 km from the African coast and 1000 km from the European continent.

A golden paradise, Porto Santo stands out for its extensive soft, golden sandy beach, a turquoise sea with mild temperatures, but also for its historical and cultural heritage.


The therapeutic properties of Porto Santo's fine, warm sands and its crystal-clear, turquoise waters are the essential ingredients used for the therapies offered at the spas on this paradisiacal island. Coming here on holiday allows you to enjoy a revitalising experience for body and mind.
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The hospitality of the population, the mild climate all year round, the soft golden sandy beach with proven medicinal properties and the inviting temperature of the turquoise waters make this Atlantic oasis irresistible. The island's elegance is combined with its historical interest. There are always things to do in Porto Santo! Populated 600 years ago, it has a unique historical heritage and cultural wealth, which takes us back to the time of maritime expansion, especially the mark left here by Christopher Columbus.
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You can also explore its natural wealth, awarded Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. An award that recognises its extensive golden beach, but also its islets and the surrounding sea. These are unique characteristics of this island of volcanic origin, older than Madeira. Come visit Porto Santo and experience a restorative stay in this golden paradise!
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Points of Interest

Discovering Porto Santo

There are dozens of beaches, paradisiacal landscapes, volcanic geological formations, a vibrant biodiversity, a culture rich in traditions, a unique gastronomy and ideal spaces for multiple sports: are you sure you want to miss out?
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Accommodation in Porto Santo

There is a wide range of accommodation options in Porto Santo. The island's hospitality will make you feel at home!
Restaurants in Porto Santo
Pé na Água Restaurant & Beach Bar
Estrada das Pedras Pretas 111, 9400-075 Porto Santo, Portugal
Panorama Restaurant
Estrada Carlos Pestana Vasconcelos, 9400-212 Porto Santo, Portugal
Ponta da Calheta Restaurant
Ponta da Calheta, Porto Santo, Portugal
Tia Maria Beach Club
Rua Manuel Gregório Pestana Junior, 9400-172 Vila Baleira

How to move around

Discover the different means of transportation you can use to get to know this little paradise better.
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How to do the inter-island crossing
Porto Santo Line
Av. do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses, nº 20 | 9060-190 Funchal
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