Notice to walkers and list of walks

Hiking along the archipelago's 'levadas' and trails is a rewarding activity. Discover the hiking trails officially recommended by the Regional Government of Madeira.

Classified walking routes

Learn more about the footpaths officially recommended by the Regional Government of Madeira, classified as small routes (PR) and identified by a sequential number.

vereda do pico branco e terra chã 9

Code of conduct and safety regulations

Here we shall mention some codes of conduct and safety regulations that should always be followed. Please read the information below!

Walking Code:

  • Avoid noise or actions against nature
  • Do not take plants or animals with you
  • Do not throw rubbish away (tissues do not easily decompose)
  • Do not light fires
  • If you are a smoker do not throw cigarettes ends on the floor, keep them for the dust-bin
  • Do not change or damage the signs
For your own safety:
  • Before starting out make sure you have update instructions on the route
  • Let someone else know where you’re going and when you expect to return
  • Be sure to confirm the time it will take so that you can finish before nightfall
  • Take some extra food and water with you
  • Wear suitable clothes and shoes
  • If possible take a mobile phone with you
  • In case of heavy rain or strong winds do not go on and/or turn back using the same route
  • Don’t take risks



For more detailed information please consult the legal regime for recommended walking routes in the Autonomous Region of Madeira - Regional Legislative Decree no. 24/2022/M

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