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We present the events that adds glow to the tourist entertainment programme of the Archipelago of Madeira.

Our main events

Madeira and Porto Santo annually present their calendar of tourist entertainment, with the official events programme. These run throughout the year and cover a wide variety of themes. Culture, traditions, sports or in honour of Nature, these celebrations reflect the archipelago's essence and invite you to take part in them and take home memories of a celebrating populace.

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New Year’s Eve
The year begins with a spectacular and unique pyrotechnic show that rips the skies with colour and hope: Our New Year's Eve is unique and Guinness World Records knows why! While the fireworks may play the main role, it is their combination with the unique beauty of Funchal Bay that gives the first minutes of the year a unique spectacle in the world.
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The year has barely begun, but Carnival preparations are already halfway through so that in late February or early March - depending on the year - the archipelago can vibrate with the magic and boldness of the grand Carnival parade and all the other simultaneous events, whether or not they involve disguises.
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Flower Festival
With the arrival of spring, Madeira's flora takes on new life and colour, and Funchal hosts one of the best moments of the tourist entertainment calendar: the unrivalled Flower Festival. Music, dance, joy and, of course, flowers combine harmoniously to create a parade of floats, concerts, decorations and street performances.
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Atlantic Festival
May has barely ended and we are celebrating again. The Atlantic Festival takes place during the month of June and thus opens the summer season. Over the four Saturdays of the month, an international pyrotechnics competition adds musical synchronisation to the magic of fireworks in the skies. At the same time, art leaves the theatres and takes to the streets. The Atlantic Festival is therefore the ideal occasion to attend free music concerts, dance performances and open-air exhibitions.
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Classics at Magnolia
The most recent event in the tourist entertainment calendar happens on the last weekend of July, comes on four wheels and is full of style. "Classics at Magnolia" is more than just a display of classic cars. It is a passport to enter the alluring atmosphere of the early years of the 20th century.
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Wine Festival
The summer continues on a roll with two events in the tourist entertainment calendar that gain greater prominence each year. In Madeira, the Wine Festival engages everyone to have a toast with Madeira wine.
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Columbus Festival
In Porto Santo, for three days, the whole island takes a trip back in time to when Columbus visited and inhabited this golden paradise.
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Nature Festival
The arrival of autumn is the perfect pretext for celebrating the archipelago's greatest treasure: Nature. October is, thus, the month that celebrates the adventurers and all the activities that can be enjoyed in contact with the archipelago's natural elements.
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Before we know it, December sneaks up on us. Truly, we do notice. As a matter of fact, we wait for Christmas, all year round! It is our most cherished celebration, which we extend to you, to all those who want to be part of it. It's time to prepare the liqueurs and the honey cake, go to bed late and get up early so as not to miss any of the Childbirth Masses. It's the time of meetings and reunions in the avenues of Funchal, between poncha and hugs. In our genuine tradition, everyone is invited to participate.
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And suddenly, a year has passed and we are again, all together, looking at the sky, wishing the best for us, for our people and for the World. Are you here to see or are you here to live?
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