Madeira Sea

Relaxing on the beaches, riding the waves or exploring the sea life: enjoying Madeira's sea is an unforgettable experience.

Madeira Sea Activities

A world of things to do in the mild waters of the archipelago.


Warm waters, mild climate and charismatic beaches: can you imagine a better setting?
what to do in porto santo islands 20 Seixal Beach 9
poças das lesmas seixal 2

Natural Swimming Pools

Among volcanic rocks, with water constantly renewed by the tides.
natural pools porto moniz 5
Aquário Natural Swimming Pools 9
madeira natural pools 5 madeira natural pools 3 madeira natural pools 11

Bathing Complexes

To comfortably enjoy the sea and the sun of Madeira.

Marinas and Ports

Several infrastructures distributed around the island to support boats.
port of funchal 12 port of funchal 8
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