Madeira Gastronomy

With its use of excellent regional products, Madeira's gastronomy is rich in memorable flavours, centuries-old traditions and unique delicacies.
Food and Wine

Taste, tradition and excellence

Madeira's gastronomy benefits from the rare privilege of being based on a set of fresh regional products of excellent quality. Moreover, it represents a cultural heritage of immeasurable value, with traditional recipes refined over several centuries - and some adapted by the most sophisticated haute cuisine.
Food and Wine
The subtropical climate of the archipelago, as well as its fertile volcanic soils, provide Madeira's gastronomy with genuine and unmistakable flavours. Likewise, the immense richness of the clear seas of this region provide ingredients of a superb standard of quality. Discover Madeira's gastronomic delicacies and indulge your senses!

Traditional Madeira Food

Traditional recipes from Madeira include countless delicacies that have been refined over centuries, taking advantage of the excellent regional products.

Best Restaurants in Madeira

Contemporary haute cuisine has its place in Madeira, providing traditional ingredients and recipes with added sophistication and finesse.

Madeira Wine

This award-winning nectar has been exported all over the world for centuries. It is one of the archipelago's undisputed crown jewels.
Madeira Wine Tour

Madeira Wine Tour

The importance of Madeira Wines is imprinted in Madeira's culture, but also in its landscapes. Discover them!

Vineyard Hotels

A wide variety of options for those who want to enjoy a unique experience of contact with Madeira's wine tradition.

Gastronomy Events in Madeira

Every year the archipelago's calendar is filled with events that pay tribute to the unique delicacies that are part of the Madeiran identity.


An integral part of this region's identity, the demand for this product, which dates back to the time of the discoveries, has intensified in recent years.
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