Madeira Nature Tourism

Nature is the greatest and most important treasure of this Atlantic archipelago. Be sure to explore its lush beauty.

Nature Activities

Mountain, forest, sea and unique landscapes: enjoy yourself in this island oasis.
History and Nature

Laurissilva Forest

Considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Laurissilva, around 20 million years old, is a rare subtropical rainforest. It is a living monument, an ode to Nature.

Protected Areas

With a valuable natural heritage, the archipelago of Madeira has made preservation a priority, with a large part of its territory protected under different classifications.
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Balcões Viewpoint 4 Picarouto viewpoint 2 véu da noiva viewpoint 1


The viewpoints which can be found all across the archipelago are must-stops, whether for simple contemplation or for breaks between hikes and rides, always with breathtaking views.
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