Madeira tours

Discover the archipelago's natural secrets accompanied by expert guides.
Madeira tours

Discovering the secrets of Nature

Discovering the archipelago of Madeira and its surprising places on an organised tour is a unique experience. For a complete and safe experience, local operators have tailor-made tours available.
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In Madeira and Porto Santo, Nature expresses itself with particular vigour. The indigenous Laurissilva forest, for example, is an invaluable environmental heritage, considered by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. How about discovering this heritage up close with Nature tours?
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To reach some areas that hide extremely beautiful nooks, it is advisable to choose one of the archipelago's companies specialised in this type of tours.
For example, the Jeep tours organised by professionals, allow you to discover emblematic places and unrepeatable landscapes, both in Madeira and Porto Santo. 
With the help of experienced and professional guides, you will then be able to access a very complete experience of immersion in Madeira's natural wealth. That way, you will be able to acquire deeper knowledge about the region's fauna and flora, as well as its history, localities and people.
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Take advantage of the services of specialised Nature tours companies to safely enjoy the emblematic paths and roads that cross mountains and the famous 'levadas' (channels of hundreds of kilometres long built to carry the abundant water from the northern slopes to the southern side of the island).
Enjoy the best of Madeira and Porto Santo's Nature.
Where to book
MB Tours
Estrada Monumental 213 | 9000-100 Funchal
Rua do Carmo, 24, 1º Andar, Sala 2 | 9050-019 Funchal
Madeira Nature Trails
Rua dos Ilhéus, 38 | 9000-176 Funchal
Green Devil Safari
Estrada Comandante Camacho de Freitas, 349 | 9020-149 Funchal
Discovery Island
Travessa da Levada dos Tornos, 22 | 9050-195 Funchal
Madeira Sidecar Tours
Largo dos Varadouros, 5 | 9000-503 Funchal
Sitio do Ovil, Paul da Serra | 9370-999 Calheta
Porto Santo Destination Tours
Casa da Lancha 109, Sitio da Ponta Calheta | 9400-232 Porto Santo
Spinach Tours
Avenida Sá Carneiro, 23A Sé | 9000-017 Funchal
Caminho do Pinheiro das Voltas, 13 | 9000-285 Funchal
Lido Tours
Estrada Monumental, 284 - Monumental Experience - Loja 18 | 9000-100 Funchal
Madeira With Linda
Estrada Monumental, 520 | 9000-236 Funchal
Profetas D'Êxito
Rua Jorge de Freitas, 23 | 9400-240 Porto Santo
Mountain Expeditions
Travessa Papagaio Verde, 4 | 9000-656 Funchal
Hit the Road
Rua Quinta Calaça, 3, Apartamentos do Mar, 217 | 9000-108 Funchal
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