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4X4 tours in Madeira

It was founded in the summer of 2004 with the aim of promoting the nature parks, the native forest, and the most hidden places of Madeira and its history, places where the 'time machine stopped', giving our visitors the opportunity to discover the island as it was originally.

This unique experience proposal is only made possible thanks to 14 convertible 9-seater Land Rover Defenders with capacity for 8 passengers each, allowing a unique 360ยบ panoramic view.

'Enjoy an exciting all-terrain jeep safari tour to discover hidden gems in a respectful manner.'

Together with a team of 10 official mountain guides, Mountain Expeditions offers safe, adventurous and informative tours. We develop team building activities, programmes for regular customers, as well as personalised tours, according to customer's requirements.
Travessa Papagaio Verde, 4
9000-656 Funchal
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