Dolphin & Whale Watching in Porto Santo

A refuge painted in gold and blue, this is one of the many ways to describe the island of Porto Santo, famous for its golden sands bathed by turquoise waters. But it's not only on this long 9 km stretch of sand that you can appreciate the best this island has to offer. Some of its most valuable treasures should even be observed from the sea! How about a whale watching activity in Porto Santo?

This is one of the activities you can't miss on your visit to the golden island. These tepid and very peaceful waters, with a geographical location of excellence, offer all the conditions for dolphins, whales, turtles and sea birds to be spotted all year round.

On this tranquil boat trip, with time for scenic contemplation, you will have the rare opportunity to get close to wildlife in its natural context. With luck, during the whale watching activity in Porto Santo, you will have the chance to swim alongside dolphins. You can also go by virtually untouched places like the Cal Islet or the Ferro Islet.

Dream no more, visit this island and enjoy whale watching in Porto Santo.


Its crystal-clear waters and golden sand make Porto Santo a unique place to set sail and contemplate the splendour of marine life.

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