Stand Up Paddle in Madeira and Porto Santo

Board and paddle ready to enjoy Nature.
Stand Up Paddle
Madeira's coastline is widely known for the attractiveness of its natural landscapes. Picturesque and iconic images that are hard to forget - especially when seen from the sea. These are, therefore, arguments that make stand up paddle in Madeira and Porto Santo, the ideal way to enjoy these landscapes. This sport, practised standing up with the help of a board and paddle, provides moments of relaxation and communion with the tranquillity of the sea. It is a quick learning sport, suitable for people of all age groups. As such, to get started in this world you can go to one of the many stand up paddle schools in Madeira and Porto Santo, which will provide you with the right equipment and training.
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A visit to the archipelago is, therefore, the perfect opportunity to venture into this peculiar experience of 'walking on water'. Practising stand up paddle in Madeira and Porto Santo will allow you to gain access to surprising places, often inaccessible to other types of transport. There, you will have time to enjoy the privilege of witnessing the exuberance of marine life and Nature that prevails in some parts of the islands. Venture into the world of stand up paddle in Madeira and Porto Santo, which has an increasing number of fans, and come for a walk in the archipelago's calm and warm maritime waters.
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The Atlantic at your feet

With a board at your feet and a paddle in your hands, practising stand up paddle in Madeira and Porto Santo will give you the opportunity to peacefully enjoy the harmony of the sea and the natural landscapes of this volcanic Atlantic island.
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Where to book
Aroundfreedom Surf School
Hotel Dom Pedro Baia - Loja Frente Mar | Estrada de São Roque, 9200-126 Machico
On Water Academy
R. da Praia Formosa |9000-000 Funchal
Madeira Experience Tours
Rua dos Barreiros, 32 | 9060-397 Funchal
Calhau Surf School
Entrada Dr José Joaquim de Freitas, 6 | 9060-412 Funchal
Porto Santo Sub
Estrada Francisco Bernardo Jardim, 48 | 9400-133 Porto Santo
VMT Madeira
Edf. Porto Rico, R. das Hortas, 11, 2º andar | 9050-024 Funchal
Madeira Surf Center
Estrada Regional, 101 | 9240-216 São Vicente
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