Snorkelling in Madeira

Snorkelling in Madeira means being able to dream with your eyes open.
The archipelago of Madeira offers, at some identified locations, the ideal conditions for snorkelling, an activity that is attracting more and more fans. The diversity of marine fauna, as well as the clear and mild water, whose temperature ranges between 18 °C and 24 °C all year round, are more than enough reasons for you to embark on a snorkelling experience in Madeira with the whole family. This a more tranquil variant of diving, where most of the movement is done floating, gives access to unique underwater landscapes. This way, snorkelling in Madeira allows you to enjoy close contact with the colours, geological formations and animal life existing in these calm and shallow waters.
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Some of the archipelago's most popular places for this sport - not forgetting snorkelling in Porto Santo - are actually located in Nature Reserves, where biodiversity is scrupulously protected and kept in its wild state. They are veritable natural temples. In Madeira and Porto Santo, you will find at your disposal diving schools and specialised companies prepared to accompany you on this adventure, with all the professionalism and safety that the activity requires. Don't stay on land: come and get to know up close the natural heritage of our Atlantic coast through a snorkelling experience in Madeira.
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Where to book
Madeira Diving Center
Caminho Velho dos Reis Magos, 2 | 9125-121 Caniço
VMT Madeira
Edf. Porto Rico, R. das Hortas, 11, 2º andar | 9050-024 Funchal
Porto Santo Destination Tours
Casa da Lancha 109, Sitio da Ponta Calheta | 9400-232 Porto Santo
Rhea Dive
Sitio do Campo de Cima, Apartado 320 | 9400-000 Porto Santo
Edifício Frente Mar, Loja 2 e 3 | 9100-139 Santa Cruz
Manta Diving Madeira
Hotel Galomar, Rua Robert Baden Powell | 9125-036 Caniço
Madeira With Linda
Estrada Monumental, 520 | 9000-236 Funchal
Cipreia Dive Club
VidaMar Resort Hotel - Estrada Monumental, 177 | 9000-100 Funchal
Scorpio Madeira Diving Center
Caminho da Ribeira do Natal, 30 | 9200-031 Caniçal
La Perla Dell Atlantico
Estrada das Eiras, Edifício Quintas, Bloco D 3 CJ | 9125-129 Caniço
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