Snorkelling in Garajau

Garajau beach, in Madeira, is a place that deserves its own chapter when it comes to snorkelling. In fact, there aren't many beaches that combine such a crystal-clear sea, easy access (by car or the cable car that takes bathers from the Cristo Rei area to the beach) and a pebble that, even in its natural state, allows you to lay out your towel comfortably for a pleasant day at the beach. The cherry on top of the cake is the fact that Garajau Beach is part of the Partial Nature Reserve of the beach that gives it its name and that extends for approximately six miles. Anyone going bathing in the translucent waters of this reserve should therefore take advantage and get equipped with a mask, fins and a snorkel, to contemplate the incredible marine biodiversity that constitutes, in those seas, their habitat.

Boat circulation and fishing are prohibited in the entire area that comprises the reserve, making snorkelling in Garajau a very relaxing activity, in perfect communion with one of Madeira's ex libris - our sea.

Behold a seabed full of life and beauty on a beach located in the heart of the Garajau Partial Nature Reserve, and enjoy a truly relaxing experience.

Venture out on our sea!

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