Porto Santo Biosphere Nature Reserve

Porto Santo Biosphere Nature Reserve

Since October 2020, the island of Porto Santo has been part of UNESCO's World Network of Biosphere Reserves.
Thus, the Porto Santo Biosphere Nature Reserve comprises 27.310 hectares of protected areas and Natura 2000 Network areas.


Biosphere Reserves are defined by UNESCO as 'living laboratories' where priority is given to the 'conservation of landscapes, ecosystems and species', as well as to 'sustainable development at social, economic, cultural and ecological level' and to supporting 'research, monitoring, education and awareness raising' activities.


As such, with the Porto Santo Biosphere Nature Reserve, the golden island underlines its commitment to the scrupulous protection of biogeodiversity, but also to the enhancement of local culture and traditions.


From the immensity of the golden sand beach to the iconic landscape marked by the presence of islets, its characteristic rurality or the Atlantic waters, always warm and crystal-clear, this is a region with a high landscape and environmental value.


The Porto Santo Biosphere Nature Reserve is an ecosystem that is home to more than 2110 species, some of which exist only on the island.
If we add the cultural identity that distinguishes the people of Porto Santo, it is easy to see that this is an area full of past but also of future.

Part of UNESCO's World Network, the Porto Santo Biosphere Nature Reserve is rich in unique natural landscapes and invaluable biogeodiversity. Discover this heritage.

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