Madeira Monuments

The archipelago displays a built heritage of inestimable value.

An open-air museum

The Madeiran islands have a diverse architectural heritage of great historical importance. Their monuments enrich the visit to the cities and towns of this Atlantic pearl. Come and see them!
Fort of Nossa Senhora do Amparo machico 7 regional government palace 2
regional government palace 1 S.Lourenço Palace 2 Funchal City Hall 3
If it can be said with conviction that this Atlantic archipelago is a floating garden, it is also correct to say that it is also a veritable open-air museum. This is because the islands' built heritage offers inestimable value to the streets of its towns and cities. Madeira's monuments reflect the cultural, architectural and artistic wealth of six centuries of History.
Between palaces, statues, fortresses, convents, churches, fountains, shrines, cruises or theatres, visitors of this island destination have much to discover, explore and contemplate. Madeira's monuments are very diverse due to the time they were built but also due to stylistic influences from various corners of the world. This important cultural heritage has been built throughout its secular historic journey to fulfil very different roles.
santa clara convent 6
Thus, there are forts all over the archipelago, built to protect the population from frequent corsair attacks, palaces with lush gardens, which served the demands of the European aristocracy that passed through here, or statues and busts that celebrate some of the most important moments and personalities of Madeiran History.
santa clara convent 5
santa clara convent 6
santana church 16
So be sure to peacefully contemplate this unequalled heritage. Madeira's monuments are a living account of the archipelago's History.
Funchal City Hall 4
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