Regional Government Palace

Located in the lively centre of Madeira's capital, the Regional Government Palace marks the urban landscape with its magnificence. Situated on Avenida Arriaga, one of Funchal's most important and historic thoroughfares, this unmissable building holds an important place in the city's History.

The oldest part of this palace was built on the site of the Funchal Medical School in the late 17th century. At the time, its construction served charitable purposes, housing the Misericórdia of Funchal and also its Hospital.

As the decades went by, the building underwent multiple renovations and embodied several roles. Already at the end of the 20th century, the facilities were taken over by the Regional Executive. As such, definitively converted into the Regional Government Palace, several Regional Secretariats were housed here.

Although the building has been the target of consecutive restructuring, gradually losing its original 17th-century features, a visit to the Regional Government Palace still allows us to find several decorative elements of interest that take us back to that historical era. This is the case of the polychrome tile panels that embellish this space, originals from the 17th century.


Built at the end of the 17th century to house the city's Misericórdia and Hospital, this building is currently the Regional Government Palace, where several Regional Secretariats are located.

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