Fortaleza de São João Baptista do Pico

Situated 111 metres above sea level, São João Batista Fort, also known as 'Pico Fort', is considered one of the landmarks of the Island of Madeira. Displaying a stunning Atlantic landscape, this monument is a must-see in the vast array of points of interest to discover in Funchal.

Built in the 17th century, the purpose of this fortification was to make the city's defensive system more robust in order to withstand the frequent attacks by pirates. Besides being a privileged surveillance point, it served, in a first phase, as the city's gunpowder warehouse, intended for all the forts and towers of the island.

In the mid-20th century, the São João Batista Fort was handed over to the Navy, where it was then installed the Communications Centre of the Navy. Occupied by the Naval Radio Telegraphic Station of Funchal, the fortress began to display several antennas. For this reason, the population of the city began to call it 'Pico Rádio' (Radio Peak).

The São João Batista Fort has recently undergone several renovation interventions. As such, it now includes a multipurpose area, used for concerts or conferences, and a cafeteria, where visitors can comfortably enjoy the privileged view over Funchal.


Built in the 17th century to strengthen Funchal's defence, the iconic São João Batista Fort offers one of the most privileged panoramic views over Funchal.

Cultural Agenda
April,12th to September,13th

Exhibit " Siza & Oscar beyond the sea"

The Fortress of São João Baptista do Pico, in Funchal, will host the exhibition ""Siza and Oscar: beyond the sea"", by award-winning Brazilian photographer José Roberto Bassul. The exhibition consists of a visual dialogue between the architecture of Siza Vieira in Brazil and that of Oscar Niemeyer in Portugal.

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