Santa Catarina Park

Funchal bay is one of the most famous calling cards of the Madeira archipelago. Its beauty is undeniable, whether appreciated from the sea or from the island itself. Santa Catarina Park is one of the best places to contemplate it.

Located between Avenida do Infante and Avenida Sá Carneiro, with a position overlooking the port of Funchal, Santa Catarina Park has an area of 36,000 m². It is one of the most frequented green parks in the capital of Madeira, due to its central location, but not only that.

Here, visitors will find a large lawn, surrounded by flowerbeds with countless species of trees, shrubs and herbs from all over the world. In addition, Santa Catarina Park has a small pond with an island created for the birds that live here to rest and nest.

Created in 1966, this green space also has statues in memory of Prince Henry the Navigator and Christopher Columbus, a children's play area and the Chapel of Santa Catarina. However, it is the panoramic view from Funchal bay to Ponta do Garajau that takes centre stage here.


Overlooking the port of Funchal, Santa Catarina Park offers a unique view over the bay of the capital of Madeira. It has a large lawn, a lake and a children's playground.

Avenida do do Infante 18 | 9000-015 Funchal
Daily open | 07:00 – 20:00 (September,23rd – March,21st) | 07:00 – 22:00 (March,22nd –September,22nd)
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