Culture Centre of Santana

A space dedicated to the cultural dissemination of the municipality of Santana.

In the North of the Island of Madeira, the Culture Centre of Santana is a space for cultural promotion and dissemination. Here, you will have the opportunity to get to know, through a dynamic space, the cultural aspects of a historical municipality that has much to offer its visitors. Be it theatre plays or musical shows, entertainment, well-being and cultural enrichment prevail in this institution.

Santana is a municipality that stands out for its gastronomy, its magnificent and charming landscapes, but also for its unique and characteristic culture. Getting to know the cultural aspects of this place means including the Culture Centre of Santana in your itinerary along the North Coast of the Island of Madeira.

The Culture Centre of Santana benefits from a modern building that besides hosting shows, exhibitions and musical events, houses the Municipal Library of the municipality of Santana. An interesting curiosity is that this Library has a collection of about 18,000 copies of books, which are available to the citizens of the municipality but also to Madeirans in general.


Located in the North of the Island of Madeira, the Culture Centre of Santana is a dynamic space that houses a library with a collection of around 18,000 books.

Lift access to the second floor.

Impasse da Casa da Cultura de Santana n.º 3 | 9230-085 Santana
Open Monday to Friday from 09am - 12.30pm and from 1.30pm - 5pm
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