3D Fun Art Museum

Innovative museum space with over 40 optical scenarios.

Located at Funchal's city centre, the 3D Fun Art Museum is a unique and innovative space that uses 3D images and optical illusion to stimulate the creative side of its visitors. This space has around 40 different scenarios that will certainly awaken everyone's interest, from youngsters to adults.


The impossible is something that does not exist at the 3D Fun Art Museum. In this space, it is possible to have a dinosaur as a pet, drink wine served by a God and even venture out on a safari. All you need is your creative skills, a good mood and a camera to remember all these moments.


Guided by creativity, interactivity and a lot of fun, the 3D Fun Art Museum, also known as the Optical Illusion Museum, is a dynamic space with excellent facilities and a complete website available in 3 languages. The website allows you to buy tickets for the museum in a quick and easy way.

Located in the city of Funchal, the 3D Fun Art Museum, also known as Madeira's Optical Museum, is a space that stands out for its creativity, interactivity and lots of fun.

R. do Surdo 24, 9000-223 Funchal
Monday to Sunday 10:00 -19:00
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