São Tiago Beach

Enjoying the typical surroundings of the oldest part of the city of Funchal, São Tiago Beach is a small and picturesque seaside resort. In fact, the imposing São Tiago Fort, right next to it, turns this beach into a charismatic recess, which makes enjoying the sea of pleasant temperatures an even more rewarding experience.


Here you can enter a very particular scenario of traditional life on the island of Madeira: the fishing activity, since it shares the space not only with other bathers, but also with the traditional fishing boats, which rest there after their nights at sea.


São Tiago Beach is freely accessible and will provide you with pleasant moments of leisure, tempered with sun and sea, but not only that. The beach bar with its irresistible terrace will invite you and you won't be able to refuse a refreshing drink as you overlook the charming Funchal Bay.


More than enough conditions for you to experience an unforgettable beach day in Downtown Funchal. Our only recommendation is to be careful as this is an unsupervised beach."

Right in the old part of the city of Funchal, São Tiago Beach is a small recess to enjoy a moment in communion with the Atlantic, overlooking the majestic bay.

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