Vespas Club

Located at Avenida Sá Carneiro, the Vespas Club is a venue known for its unique and very festive atmosphere.


With several decades of existence, the Vespas Club is an undisputed landmark in the history of Madeira's nightlife and is still a must for anyone wanting a lively night out in the city of Funchal.


The Vespas nightclub, in Madeira, brought more life to the pearl of the Atlantic when, in 1980, it opened its doors offering the population a type of entertainment that was still scarce until then.


For some time, the Vespas Club was actually the only nightclub on the island.
Keeping up with international sounds, the Vespas - the name used by the people of Madeira - adapted to the passing of time and the emergence of new musical hits and, in the 1990s, expanded its business creating two other iconic venues: Jam and Marginal; the first one dedicated to commercial 70's, 80's and 90's music, while the second one soon became a Mecca for alternative music in Madeira.


In addition to specific parties where you can move freely between the three nightclubs, the Vespas Club has pioneered major music events outside its venues, taking its fun to various parts of the island.

Created in 1980, the Vespas Club was, for some time, the only nightclub on the island, and is still a mythical spot in Madeira's lively nightlife, comprising three different venues.

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