Casino Madeira

Having gained a solid international reputation over the years, Casino Madeira is currently one of the most dynamic and lively places on the island, making it an essential choice for those wishing to enjoy leisure moments in the region.


Located five minutes from the centre of Funchal, Casino Madeira's spacious facilities are part of a complex originally based on an idea by renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer. These large facilities house a wide variety of spaces.


In Casino Madeira's spacious gaming room you can try your luck at the roulettes, poker, blackjack or at the modern slot machines, for example. But it's not all about gambling at this Casino in Funchal. This is also the ideal place to come for dinner and a show or simply to dance the night away.


Visitors will find two restaurants here, 'Restaurante Bahia' and 'Restaurante Rio', as well as the 'Palm Bar', for drinks, and the well-known 'Copacabana' nightclub, where evening entertainment is always guaranteed, surrounded by glamour and lots of music.

Five minutes from the centre of Funchal, Casino Madeira is the ideal place to gamble, enjoy a drink, dance or watch a show, for example.

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