Funchal Downtown

History tells us that the first settlement in the city of Funchal emerged in the area that is currently known as 'Zona Velha' (Downtown). The great heritage and architectural value of this part of the city makes it a must-see that deserves to be experienced both by day and by night.
Funchal Downtown is known for its narrow cobbled streets, embellished by the typical façades of old houses. With the 'Portas Pintadas' (Painted Doors) project, this urban scenario has become even more attractive. The artistic community was invited to make interventions on buildings' doors and façades, turning this area into an alfresco art gallery.


At the heart of this historic area we find the Corpo Santo Chapel, one of the few 15th-century buildings that survives to this day. In turn, on one of the oldest streets in Funchal, Santa Maria Street, we can find several traditional local businesses, such as the 'Fábrica de Chapéus' and the 'Fábrica de Botas de Vilão'. If you continue walking along this cobbled street, you will find the Baroque-style Socorro Church and a small viewpoint.


However, in addition to a detailed daytime visit, Funchal Downtown should also be experienced by night: its well-known nightlife is one of the island's major attractions.

Funchal Downtown has a great heritage and architectural value. From monuments to traditional shops, restaurants and bars, entertainment is guaranteed both day and night.

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