Praça do Povo

Funchal's bay area is not only one of Madeira's most beautiful entry points, but also one of the island's most prominent calling cards. Praça do Povo is one of the best places to quietly contemplate the beauty of this iconic area.


Inaugurated in 2014, this recreational area stands out, first of all, for its privileged view. Its location overlooking the sea offers passers-by a majestic view of the Atlantic on one side, and of the city of Funchal on the other, stretching up the mountain.


Praça do Povo has large and pleasant recreational and sports areas. It is ideal for walking, jogging, cycling, rollerblading or simply relaxing, for example. Throughout this entire area, visitors can find benches where they can peacefully relax and enjoy the scenery.


Plus, we should note that the hiking trail that crosses Praça do Povo, in the centre of Funchal, is lined with green carpets of plants and flowers, which add to the charm of the surroundings. Due to its size and centrality, it is a privileged venue for holding cultural events, such as concerts, exhibitions, shows or fairs, especially during the summer.

Praça do Povo, in Funchal, is a recreational area located by the city's famous bay. Given its prime location, it offers a majestic view over the Atlantic Ocean.

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