Botanical Garden Viewpoint

Madeira is famous throughout the world for being an island where tropical and exuberant Nature reigns supreme. At the Botanical Garden Viewpoint, visitors have the opportunity to be surrounded by a diverse and vibrant natural universe, while enjoying a landscape marked by the sea, the mountains and, between them, the city of Funchal.


The Botanical Garden Viewpoint was created at Quinta do Bom Sucesso, built in 1881 by the Reid family, and opened to the public in 1960, covering an area of approximately eight hectares, five of which are landscaped and home to an endless number of species of trees and ornamental shrubs. There are more than 2000 exotic plants from all continents, some of them endangered in their lands of origin.


There's also an area with orchids, lawns, an amphitheatre, and even a research and conservation area. However, in this landscaped area, the Madeira Botanical Garden Viewpoint is the undisputed highlight. Located about three kilometres from the centre of Funchal, at the top of the left bank of the João Gomes Stream, it offers a full panoramic view of the city - a colourful mosaic marked by the sea and, of course, the vegetation.

The Botanical Garden Viewpoint offers visitors a panoramic view over the amphitheatre of the city of Funchal, while being surrounded by a myriad of vibrant plant species.

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