Castelo do Pico Viewpoint

A site where history, architectural heritage and a superb landscape meet: this is how the Castelo do Pico Viewpoint can be described. Within the Fortress of São João, this site offers a wide view over the elegance of the Funchal bay.


Built in the 17th century, this fortification has been used for several purposes. It was built to ward off corsair attacks and also served as the city's gunpowder warehouse. In the 20th century, it was handed over to the Navy, which used it to set up the Navy's Communication Centre. With the antennas of Funchal's Naval Radio Telegraphic Station, locals started calling this elevated site 'Pico Rádio' (Radio Peak).


Having undergone consecutive renovation works, this historical site is now a privileged point from which to observe Funchal. The citadel-shaped enclosure offers visitors a journey through the island's history, but that's not all. From the Castelo do Pico Viewpoint you can see the houses of Madeira's capital which, marked by the presence of green vegetation, stretch all the way to the Atlantic.


Thanks to recent renovations, the Castelo do Pico Viewpoint now includes a multipurpose area, suitable to host concerts or conferences, for example, and a cafeteria.



Located in the São João Baptista Fort, the Castelo do Pico Viewpoint makes the most of the strategic position of this fortification, offering a privileged view over the elegance of the Funchal bay.

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